Dad and Daughter

Tarzana Hospital, Room 304, 2:38pm

Daughter: Dad, do you want a hug?

Dad: I always want a hug.

[Dad's eldest daughter walks to hospital bed, leans in for a hug.]

Daughter: Doesn't that feel better?

Dad: Yes. You know I love you, right? Everything happens the way it should. It might not be the way we want it to happen, but everything happens the way it should.

Daughter: You don't have to say that.

Dad: Yes I do, because I'm your Dad. That's my job.

Daughter: But sometimes you lose your job, or you leave it. 

[Both laugh. After living in New York for 13 years, Dad's eldest daughter just left decade-long job as a magazine editor and is spending a few weeks at home.]

Daughter: Well, maybe you can let your job go for a minute. Don't you feel relieved not to have the responsibility? Enjoy it!

[Both laugh. Eldest daughter gives Dad a kiss on the cheek. Hug ends.]

Eldest Daughter = me.
Dad = Dad.